Guadalajara: Trash

La basura photo DSC_0006_zpsdilrgnvc.jpg
A discarded bouquet of roses on a city street


There’s no curbside recycling in Guadalajara.
Everything gets dumped together in a plastic bag and left on the sidewalk: beer bottles and aluminum cans; toilet paper (no flushing it down the sewer) and old newspapers; vegetable trimmings and fruit peels; dental floss and used razor blades; and anything else that nobody wants.
The clanging of a bell warns residents that the trash truck is drawing near, so if they have any last-minute items they want to ditch, they’d better get them out of the house and onto the sidewalk—pronto.
A small army of men and teenage boys, employed by the city, and paid for with tax dollars, attends to the chore of picking up the trash. If residents are especially pleased with the service, they tip the workers. Nobody looks down on anybody who picks up trash.

littering the walk—
bougainvillea blossoms
from the vine next door


Text and photo © 2016 by Mark M. Redfearn, all rights reserved


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