Guadalajara: Churches

 photo DSC_0011201_zpstp7hudyb.jpg
A joyful crowd gathers outside a church in Guadalajara

Besides being houses of worship, the churches of Guadalajara serve their communities by hosting various meetings.
In one of them, a class for adult learners of English meets every Wednesday evening. Last night, I was the honored guest.
In an upper room of the church, twelve students and their teacher welcomed me into their circle. Ranging in age from early 20s to late 60s, they introduced themselves to me. I was delighted to hear one of the women say she is a poet.
“I want to talk to you later,” I said, “because I write poetry too.”
After nearly ninety minutes of dialogue, our time together came to an end. One by one students left the room, thanking me for coming. Ana Bertha approached me with a piece a paper. On it were several poems she had written.
“This is for you,” she said.
One of the poems begins with this line: Eres solo mi amigo y ya te extraño. (“You are only my friend, and yet I miss you.”)
That’s exactly how I feel about poetry: It is my friend, and I miss it with an indescribable ache when I can neither read nor write it.
It’s as though Ana Bertha had written her poem just for me.

last full moon of spring
a frog in the backyard pond
basking in the light


Text and photo © 2016 by Mark M. Redfearn, all rights reserved


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  1. mark- i am so deeply happy for the way you have followed your heart and your passion into the arms of mexico! to know you are there-immersed in the hearts of so many-increases the light of day! thank you for sharing every word about your special welcoming. poetic mexico-your home away from home!

  2. I too, am so touched by your painting of words and how you make my heart sing every time I visit. Sometimes it is in joy, sometimes in sorrow, but the world unfolds for me when I get to follow your words and learn about the world in new ways. How happy am I for you and this sweet woman of Mexico in this meeting of friends and the sharing of poetry. I feel like that frog, basking in your light…

  3. How lovely to learn of your Mexican sojourn, you really inspire me to take hold of my dreams… The closeness you feel to poetry is a beautiful thing both for you and us, recipients…Like bathing in moonshine..x

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