Guadalajara: Sellers

 photo DSC_0151_zpsvfxxvvcn.jpg
A seller offers ventiladores de mano (hand-held fans) from the steps of a downtown church


Stop at almost any red light in Guadalajara, and someone will approach you with something to sell.
It may be a performance: the juggler deftly tossing balls in the air, or the unicycle rider peddling madly back and forth. Amazed? Then donate a few coins.
Someone else will offer to wash your windshield, or to sell you windshield wiper replacement blades.
Candies, pastries and packages of corn tortillas magically appear at your window, along with fruits in season and tacky little souvenirs.
The sellers don’t limit their activities to intersections with traffic lights. Almost anywhere you walk in the city, someone is eager to sell you something.
Need your shoes shined? There’s a shoeshine stand right over there.
Need to quench your thirst? The guy at the little portable cart is offering frescas, fresh fruit drinks, for sale.
Think you’ll be too hot in church? Buy a colorful hand-held fan from the woman sitting on the steps just outside the sanctuary.
Whatever you need, it’s probably for sale on the streets of Guadalajara.

in his crooked beak
one raven carries a stone
plump as summer’s moon


Text and photo © 2016 by Mark M. Redfearn, all rights reserved


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