Guadalajara: Comforts of Home

 photo IMG_6463.jpg
A tiny fan, perfect for travel


When you’re traveling far from home, little things matter. Like fans, for example.
When I arrived in Guadalajara last night, the temperature was nearly 90 degrees Fahrenheit—not unusual for this time of year, but warm enough to cause me to sweat as I made my way from the airplane to the baggage claim area.
By the time I arrived at my apartment an hour later, I wasn’t at all surprised to find that it was almost toasty inside. (What do you expect with no air conditioning?) I propped the front door open, and fished in my backpack for the one travel goodie I had vowed not to do without on this trip: a portable fan.
It’s a powerful little thing, housed in a steel frame, and it can stir up a mighty tempest. Thirty years ago, when I bought it, such fans were used to cool desktop computers. Then some enterprising soul figured out that these little computer fans could also move warm air from a wood-burning stove into colder parts of drafty houses, and started marketing them for that purpose.
It’s been many years since I needed to move hot air from a wood-burning stove into an otherwise unheated room. But I still have the fan. And despite the torrid weather in Guadalajara, I’ll be enjoying one small comfort from home.

The next-door neighbor,
stirring the air with her broom,
frightens three sparrows.


Text and photo © 2017 by Mark M. Redfearn, all rights reserved


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