Guadalajara: Volunteers

 photo IMG_6686.jpg
A volunteer tutor helps a student with his homework at the Salvation Army’s Hogar de Niños.


Because money is usually always in short supply, volunteers are the lifeblood of any nonprofit organization.
Volunteers free up limited resources for maintenance of buildings and grounds. In some cases, they also allow for the hiring of more paid professional staff.
Nonprofits just can’t exist without volunteers.
Every Wednesday, two volunteers go to the Salvation Army’s Hogar de Niños to help the children with their schoolwork. One of the volunteers is American, and one of them is Mexican. Both speak Spanish, of course, and both are eager to see the children succeed academically.
They help the students primarily with reading (a difficult and disheartening task for many of the children), but also with math—whatever it takes to get them on the right track.
The students love their volunteer tutors, and it’s a sad day if, for some reason, a tutor can’t show up.

Little brown sparrow,
the children’s raucous laughter
does not bother you.


Text and photo © 2017 by Mark M. Redfearn, all rights reserved


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