Guadalajara: Rain

 photo IMG_6697.jpg
The view through my apartment window as the first raindrops fell


Tapatíos (people from Guadalajara), look forward to the beginning of the rainy season in June, when evening showers provide relief from the sizzling daytime temperatures.
The rainy season officially began last night.
Even though the forecast had called for only a twenty percent chance of rain, by 6 p.m. a few scattered clouds began to release their precious moisture. Then the cloud cover thickened and rain began to fall faster and faster, punctuated by thunder and lightning.
After several hours, the rain tapered off, leaving puddles in its wake, and little rivers coursing down the gutters.
“Either the rain or Vivaldi, which shall I pick?” Mexican poet Luis Cotto-Vasallo asks in his poem “Betwixt Worlds.”
For the tapatío sweating through a seemingly endless summer day, there is only one answer.
And it’s not Vivaldi!

Little brown sparrow,
the old men still remember
the last song you sang.


Text and photo © 2017 by Mark M. Redfearn, all rights reserved


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  1. i love knowing that you are there. soaking in the sun bright air, rejoicing in the abundant gift of rain. oh this dance of shadow and light. this letting in and letting go. this country of divine enchantment. i hear your rain…i remember the sparrow.

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