Guadalajara: Carnival

 photo IMG_6819.jpg
A Ferris wheel and other carnival rides occupy one end of Plaza México.


The rides arrived by truck caravan several days ago. Workers began immediately to transform one end of the parking lot at Plaza México into a carnival.
Tonight, the carnival opens. As darkness descends on the second-largest city in Mexico, workers will flip some switches, and the Ferris wheel, and a dozen other rides, will come to life, arrayed with thousands of dazzling lights.
In one of his poems, Mexican poet Luis Cotto-Vasallo speaks of being “Instantly transplanted/ to the amazement of us all.”
That’s what carnivals do. They transplant us—to our amazement—out of the everyday world of bills and bitterness, longing and loss, into a world of wonder and delight, if only for an hour or two.
Even though my apartment is several blocks away from Plaza México, I won’t be surprised to hear children shrieking for joy, and adults laughing with abandon, as the carnival works its magic.

Little brown sparrow,
even crows stop their squabbling
when you start to sing.


Text and photo © 2017 by Mark M. Redfearn, all rights reserved


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  1. I’ve been waiting all Friday haiku my heart day for little brown sparrow to lead me on another adventure… there is nothing like a carnival in Mexico. The colors, fireworks, joy and laughter will fill the city indeed and I hope brings joy to your heart Mark. Thank you for sharing your time in Guadalajara with us. And thank you little brown sparrow for quieting those crows… I have a few other places in mind where squabbling might stop, just to listen to you…

  2. such perfect sweetness-laughter and song through the night air on the wings of ferris wheels! i am savoring this lift of spirits, these shimmering bright lights, this glee of wild abandon. thank you friend for delighting me with the wonder of it all!

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