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Guadalajara: Bus Ride

 photo IMG_1358_zpsw3iutjsn.jpg
On a city bus, Guadalajara


Cheap thrills.
That’s what you get when you ride a city bus in Guadalajara.
Cheap? The fare is only six or seven pesos (33 or 38 cents), depending on which bus you board, and the routes are long.
Thrills? Perhaps the crucifix dangling near the bus driver indicates what kind of ride you’re in for.
More than once this morning, I gripped the vertical bar, bracing myself for an impending crash as the irate bus driver played chicken at intersections with smaller vehicles. Miraculously, no crash came.
Maybe that crucifix near the driver is more than just a decoration.

end of the bus route—
three jacarandas blooming
near the yellow house


Text and photo © 2016 by Mark M. Redfearn, all rights reserved