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Guadalajara: Songs

Painter at work photo DSC_0163_zpsy7d9njet.jpg
A man repaints a basketball court


Walt Whitman heard America singing in the daily work of mechanics, carpenters, masons, and shoemakers.
Guadalajara sings many of the same songs, although with a Spanish accent.
The song of the construction worker, mixing cement with a shovel in a wheelbarrow.
The song of the mechanic, repairing a car on the street.
The song of the cobbler, putting a new pair of heels on an old pair of shoes.
The song of the torta vendor at her cart, extolling the virtues of her seductive food.
And the song of the painter, brightening the walls of a building or the lines on a basketball court.

first week of summer—
even the mango seller
stumbles on the notes


Text and photo © 2016 by Mark M. Redfearn, all rights reserved