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Guadalajara: Stop Signs

 photo IMG_1445201_zpsjxgszanc.jpg
One of thousands of stop signs routinely ignored in Guadalajara


The stop signs of Guadalajara are mere suggestions. Stop if you wish, but otherwise don’t bother.
The bus driver who takes me daily from my volunteer position at the children’s home back to my apartment always blows through an intersection not far from a hospital, despite the presence of a stop sign.
There’s no such thing here as a “California stop,” where the driver makes a conspicuous show of slowing down for a stop sign, while keeping the car inching forward.
No, in Guadalajara, it’s one extreme or the other: obey the sign and come to a complete stop, or zoom through the intersection, hoping and praying that you won’t be T-boned by a car coming from the right or the left.

closing down springtime
a cotton-candy seller
keeps time with the moon


Text and photo © 2016 by Mark M. Redfearn, all rights reserved