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Guadalajara: Church Bells

 photo IMG_2740.jpg
A strangely silent church bell


Mexico is the land of church bells. In a memorable phrase from one of his two books (I forget which one) about his adventures living in Mexico Tony Cohan writes, “Church bells stun the air.”
There’s hardly a time during daylight hours—and often far into the night—that you don’t hear church bells ringing somewhere in the city.
Sometimes they ring to mark the hours. Sometimes they ring to call the faithful to worship. And sometimes they ring in joyful celebration at the end of a midnight Mass, as on Nochebuena (Christmas Eve).
Whenever they ring, they are a welcome diversion from horns blaring, brakes squealing, and jackhammers pulverizing old pavement to make way for new.
Church bells. The sound of serenity. The sound of Mexico.

first week of winter—
clutching my grandson’s left hand
for our long walk home


Text and photo © 2016 by Mark M. Redfearn, all rights reserved