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Guadalajara: High-rises

 photo IMG_6504.jpg
The view from the terrace of my apartment


My downstairs neighbors have been furious ever since they discovered that two high-rises were being erected a short distance from the building in which their apartment and mine are located.
Mr. and Mrs. C have been coming to Guadalajara for many years to escape the cold winter months in Virginia. Two years ago, they sold their home in the States, and moved to Guadalajara permanently.
They chose this neighborhood precisely because the skyline was not marred by tall buildings.
But that changed about a year and a half ago when the city issued permits for two high-rise apartments to be erected.
“This area is not even zoned for high-rises,” Mrs. C said, “but money changed hands and permits were given. I’m so angry.”
No doubt many other residents of Colonia Manuel Vallarta are angry too, but the high-rises are now a fact of life, and people can only shrug and get on with their daily lives.

Little brown sparrow,
the cat and her black kitten
keep their eyes on you.


Text and photo © 2017 by Mark M. Redfearn, all rights reserved